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Magic Forest

Experience The Freedom

Sve dok nisam glavno jelo, može doći dobar mali roštilj

The short story of the forest with The magic


The place has a charm. Come and check it out!

Private pool?
I want that!

Our favorite memory

Carriage ride at the Kelebijan forest

Carriage ride at the Kelebijan forest

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horse-drawn carriage ride with family in the woods

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“Very peaceful and quiet place. House is quiet and you get all the privacy you like. The backyard offers a lot of activities like a swimming pool, BBQ, basketball court, playground, and such. We had a great time. The hosts are very helpful and friendly. ”

“Great place for many activities on site. Interesting house and backyard. Backyard is huge so the privacy was at the highest level. Hostesses are great and polite. They introduce as a house and left as alone quickly. We had a great time and hope to come beck some time. In the mean time we recommend this place to everyone who like to spend so quality time with some friends and family with all the activities on the site and all the privacy you can get. ”

“Fantastic place in the middle of the forest with swimming pool and huge garden. We stayed for just one night but it's saved ”

"When the oak is cut down, the whole forest echoes from its fall, but a hundred acorns are silently sown by an unnoticed breeze."

Thomas Carlyle

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Kelebija 456126 Srednja ulica 5
Google maps:

Look for this sign on the map, and if you click here, you can also open it in google maps:

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